Fixed Albums "previous" & "next" arrows randomly jump...

The arrows at the top right, which I thought would be used to scroll through a gallery don't do so. They randomly skip from image to image throughout the album in no particular order. Is there a setting I am missing that controls this? Thanks!


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I just tested on this on two albums in XFMG here on XenForo. The arrows worked as expected and showed the images in the order shown in these albums.

I've also tested on my site using an album with a custom sort order. Again the arrows worked as expected and showed the images in the order shown in these albums.


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There's something odd going on here. There are 51 items in the album, yet using the arrows only takes you through 11 of them. Picking another starting image and the subsequent 10 images are the same ones as before.

I was initially going to suggest running the various Gallery rebuilds but I'm not sure that will resolve it. Maybe rebuilding the Master Data on your site might fix it. I think @Chris D is better placed to advise on this issue.

Chris D

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It looks like the album is custom ordered.

Have you moved items into that album since it was custom ordered?

If so, I'm guessing that may have messed up the sort order.

Could you go to your Album and click "Change Album Order" then scroll to the bottom and click "Save Order".

That will recalculate the order, and allow the media to be navigated through as expected.

If that works, this is a bug and we'll fix it for the next release.
Hi Chris,

Yes we have.

I've chosen "customize order" and gone for preset "sort by date" then saved it. We want it to stay so that when new photos are added they go at the front.

It appears to be scrolling through in order of the time added now. But we will see what happens when new ones are added.

Thanks for your help. :)

Chris D

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By added, do you mean the media has actually been uploaded to the album? Or has the media been moved from somewhere else, e.g. another album?
Yes, uploaded to the album (as people add their contest images). We won't be moving any more in from elsewhere. We only did it for the "contest cover" image so it would be at the front of the album.


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Thanks for this, I thought I just didn't know how the arrows would work, it seemed like some of my categories were working correctly with the arrows, and some weren't.