Albums / Gallery / Etc.


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Will there be any way to see all photos of a member?

Anything like user albums of images or a gallery internal to xenForo?


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I'm hoping that we'll see something integral at some point with a unified attachment system. No pressure :)

While not a terrible problem to have, the "problem" I have with vBulletin is that initially there was no gallery/albums/etc. feature. Photopost came along, and has been a great option. Others chose vbgallery or other options. But now 8 years later, we have "albums" in the vBulletin core. Then with vB4 the concept of a "media library" when you go to attach something so you have all your "media library files" available. I imagine we'll see more in terms of image/media management/organization/display come into the core, so with time, the core overlaps the 3rd party solutions you've embraced.

Having an integration earlier-on would be nice.

I imagine photopost and others will also provide login linkage with xenForo as they do for other forum software, but having core image/file management could be powerful too (so you could post to your member gallery the same time you add an image to a post for example and so you end up with one 'media library' on the site instead of two...)