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Matt C.

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Matt C. submitted a new resource:

[AH] Font Awesome - Add Font Awesome 5 icons to various areas.

This only works with XenForo 2.1.x!

What does this add-on do?
This add-on lets you add Font Awesome 5 icons to various areas. All the icons are added via CSS to ensure it works with third party styles. There is one template modification to insert the css template into the PAGE_CONTAINER template.

Right now, it supports the following areas:
  • Account menu
  • Main navigation
  • Sub navigation
You can control which areas and which...

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Thanks. Great plugin.

Some suggestions, based on my previously experiences with plugins like that.

Icons in the profile page, like in this marked areas:


Icons for postbit, like:
  • Posts Counter;
  • Join Date;
  • Like Counter;



One question: how we add a icon in "Accounts Upgrades" on profile menu?


This is the only icon that is missing with your addon.
nice one thanks for this...

i like it in the profile hover in particular, but with a few 3rd party options in there it would be really nice to be able to assign something to them.
also custom navigation options...
Is there any specific reason this add-on would not work with my theme iO Dark Mode?

I really enjoy Font Awesome 5 and I think using the icons in the navigation and other areas shows professionalism and concern for possibly a person that can't read but knows symbols or icons.
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