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After XenForo 1.2

Discussion in 'General XenForo Discussion and Feedback' started by chulapi, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. chulapi

    chulapi Member

    Hi @Mike & @Kier,

    I'd like to know if after releasing 1.2 you will immediately start working on 1.3 (and its new features, some of which I hope to be a simple user album functionality) or you'll take a break fixing bugs and releasing 1.2.1, 1.2.2 and so and then later this year start working on 1.3?

  2. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Both branches will be worked on simultaneously.
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  3. tyteen4a03

    tyteen4a03 Well-Known Member

    Question: EOL time for 1.0 (and 1.1)?
  4. silence

    silence Well-Known Member

    When will XenForo 2.6 Turbo Edition be released?!
  5. tyteen4a03

    tyteen4a03 Well-Known Member

    By the year 2020, I'm guessing.
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  6. caoanh204

    caoanh204 Active Member

    @chulapi You can use addon xfUserAlbums or Xen Media Gallery.
  7. TLMD

    TLMD Active Member

    Haha, that was a good one! :p
  8. whynot

    whynot Well-Known Member

    It is coming soon with the code name XF 1.2
  9. Slavik

    Slavik XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    1.3 is going to be awesome :D
  10. Walter

    Walter Well-Known Member

    But nothing compared to 2.0 :D
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  11. jmurrayhead

    jmurrayhead Well-Known Member

    Hell, we already have Xen-FOUR-OH!
  12. Slavik

    Slavik XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    You should be ashamed for that terrible joke... :unsure:
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  13. jmurrayhead

    jmurrayhead Well-Known Member

    This guy knows no shame and has no filter :)
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  14. rellek

    rellek Well-Known Member

    I think you should skip 4.0 for the same reason Winamp skipped 4.x. Nobody wants to see the XenForo 4-Skin. (hahaha, get it? :D)

    Kinda infantile those guys at Winamp's. But at the same time kinda funny too.
  15. jmurrayhead

    jmurrayhead Well-Known Member

    Almost spat out coffee...:ROFLMAO:
  16. Martok

    Martok Well-Known Member

    Don't forget there's also the recently released and very promising XenGallery too!
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  17. Karelke

    Karelke Active Member

    Not if they use the release cycle of Google's Chrome browser :p
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  18. caoanh204

    caoanh204 Active Member

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