XF 1.2 After upgrading, login broken and text editor.


After upgrading my forums to 1.2 last night from an older 1.1 version many things have broken. I can't find the cause.

1.) Login broken, text is under each other letter instead of being formatted correctly:

2.) Reply text editor is broken. No buttons have images, css messed up.

Any suggestions? This has completely ruined my forums and I'm stuck...

Here's a few errors from the server error log. http://i.imgur.com/9qhWJSq.png


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Thanks... It was Xen Utilities and XenPorta not being updated. I've disabled and corrected them and it's mostly working now.
Cool. In terms of the editor, check this bit of the guide:

There are some new and updated images so if you have a custom style directory you will need to copy those to the relevant folders.
They are:
  • styles\my-style\xenforo\xenforo-ui-sprite.png
  • styles\my-style\xenforo\magnifier.png
  • styles\my-style\xenforo\editor\icons.png
  • styles\my-style\xenforo\widgets\style-preview.png
  • styles\my-style\xenforo\permissions\edit.png