After Registration


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Right After Registration you are taken to page domain/register/register
where it says
"Thanks for registering. Your registration is now complete.
  • Return to the forum home page
  • Edit your account details

My question is how can I bypass this page and redirect user to Home page
secondly, where can I edit the content of this page ?

Jake Bunce

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This is the template:

Admin CP -> Appearance -> Templates -> register_process

Changing the redirect requires an addon to extend this controller:



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I know this is an old thread but I don't see any answer. Is there really no simple way to just have a successful registration go directly to the forum home instead of to this useless registration page? I'm noticing that the URL also goes to the home page (where my install is located) rather than my forumhome / forum_list page which is set up in the control panel at /forums/ . @kankan - wondering if you solved this.


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Hello @TheLaw,
I am not using this function anymore.
But if you look deep in the ressources archives you might find some addon to redirect after registration, depending on the XF you are running.


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I've modified the template. Apparently the variable used is for the home directory of XF. I'll have to figure out how to redirect or create some type of refresh. For the moment, it wil be a landing page I'm going to customize using some neat idea. Thanks for your response.


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Is there a quick fix for this now?

Are there any cases where it's required?

Looking at the template there might be different pages depending if they created a new account vs. used Facebook to connect.