XF 1.5 After import vB 3.8.9 -> xF 1.5.12, it missing 35000 users


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I just made a vBulletin 3.8.9 import to XenForo 1.5.12 without any problem.

But after check, it missing 35000 users.

During the import, there is the number of users:


But if you look at the statistics, it missing 35,000 users:

user2.png user3.png users4.png

An idea ?


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Banned members are not included in the count.

Check admin.php?users/list

The actual count of all members will be in the footer at the bottom right.


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That would indicate that most of the users are either banned or not in a "valid" user state. I suspect many haven't confirmed their email and you can see that there are over 5000 that are awaiting approval.


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Even by counting users waiting for approval, it missing 35,200 users

Banned users 42
Total User 14696
Awaiting approval: 5176



Same thing after Rebuild User Caches.


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I'm referring to any state other than "valid". You can search for users in specific states on the search for users page. It's very likely the email confirmation-related states.


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You're right, after check, i have 35209 users awaiting email confirmation.

This number is enormous in proportion to the total number.


Thanks guys; )


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do you really want to approve 35,000 non valid email accounts?

Perhaps a better solution would be more reliable email delivery?

If you send an email to every member and you get a high bounce rate your email reputation is going to be awful.