Implemented Advanced Navigation Tabs and Sub-Tabs



In 2003 I published a custom file for vBulletin 2.2.1, which was a top menu manager, allowing admins to make their own vB2 menu, changing order, adding custom buttons.

This has my vote, as I have always wanted a simple and easy way to structure the header of my site without having to worry with each upgrade that I would have to re-do it again.


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I've thought for a long time that there had to be an easier way to do the navbar/tabs. Hoping this suggestion makes it into the release


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Please please add this Kier and the gang :)

One absolute nightmare with IPB is having to ask our skinner to make changes to our menu :(
Rather than creating a duplicate thread, I'm bumping this one. This is something vBulletin lacked forever that XF should definitely have. It would be so useful to have especially since XF has real tabs where vB always used to just have single links (prior to 4.0).