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Hi. I am willing to pay for an Advanced Members Search modification. Advanced Member Search would allow the user to search members through their custom user fields. It would apply for all custom user fields. Doesn't matter what kind of user field you create. An example would be: if a member posts their twitter name in the twitter user field, you can pull up their profile in the search results by typing their twitter name.

I got this idea because I have members on the other social-networking sites I'm on like twitter or even Xbox Live and I can't figure out who some of them are. On my old vBulletin site I could because it allowed members to filter the member's list by showing selected profile fields. This add-on would go a step beyond that by letting you directly search by what they put in their profile field.

This add-on request is similar to the Suggestions - Custom User Fields Search Thread.

This add-on needs a search box called Advanced Member Search and would replace the regular Find Members search box on the Members page:

For Example:



^^^That's the first part.

In those screenshots you will see a link underneath the members tab called Advanced Members Search. In that link is a special search page.

This search page should allow members to search by check box, members who have filled out certain user fields. For example:

Search Members By:

(Basically any Custom User Field that has been filled out)

It should also have a Location and Zip Code Search.

Find Member Within
100 Miles
50 Miles
25 Miles
10 Miles


Display All Results (Default 25 per page)
Display All
Display Last 100
Display Last 50
Display Last 25
Display Last 10

^^^This add-on would be a worthy purchase because it would have features vbulletin 4 owners have missed and the special zip code/location features you would normally see on site's like or a hot or not rating site.


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I like this idea! I want users to be able to search other users profiles quickly and efficiently. I would suggest to improve the way of searching new fields for member search. I think it would be a good idea to have a community member search..


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@The8thLegion - I have a few ideas that would probably suit this request well. If your interested lemme know and I will shoot you a message


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neither...suggesting to t8l some things that may or may not be a good idea to keep in mind.


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I was looking around and found this.

So you could mod the new custom user fields into a dating mod, couldn't you? If you can search via profile fields then it should be easy, shouldn't it?

That ability is not in XenForo 1.1, but may come in the future.

In the meantime, if any add-on developers want to come up with an interim solution, this is all you need to know:
Rich (BB code):
CREATE TABLE `xf_user_field_value` (
  `user_id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL,
  `field_id` varchar(25) NOT NULL,
  `field_value` mediumtext NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`user_id`,`field_id`),
  KEY `field_id` (`field_id`)


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Yes, this table would basically make searches easy since the field_value field can be searched - it will match regardless of the custom field where data is stored.
Nice approach Kier. All you would need to do is make another SQL query to populate the table. I believe than an INSERT INTO statement would be the easiest way to populate the table via a cron task to rebuild the data daily - very very little PHP required. I don't have access to xenforo schema at the moment but I think there will only be a few fields and tables to join in the query.

All you would need to focus on is extending the xenforo search with an add-on... I dont think it would be that hard but is beyond me as im just starting to get to grips with xenforo development.

Hope this helps steer things a little though.


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it would be great if a member enters his ZIP-code (during registration or when filling out his custom-profile-fields) that he will be shown other members which are located near him (within a range of specific ZIP-codes).

I do have a huge list of ZIP-codes available for my country, so I would enter those into the database somehow.......?


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it would be great if a member enters his ZIP-code (during registration or when filling out his custom-profile-fields) that he will be shown other members which are located near him.
So I could enter ZIP-codes into the database somehow......
It's like people WANT xenforo to remain a simple chat forum. Cool but... I wanna stick a hemi in it.