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Advanced Forms

Advanced Forms [Paid] 1.0.0

No permission to buy ($25.00)


Well-known member
Does someone have a demo of how this or the 1.x version works?

If I have a need to have a sort of "template" for starting a thread, would this accomplish that?

What I'm looking at is another addon that defaults fixed text into the editor window when you go to start a post in a certain forum (like XFA Thread Template for instance) but what would really be more useful is if I could create a form for someone to fill out and select things instead of having to set up a bunch of options in a template (where one would have to then erase the ones that didn't apply)
It is running on my site.

It can be used for what you want to start a thread in a fixed order from the form itself. No options to include or not include items...

You'll need to register to post a thread in that forum.

Floyd R Turbo

Well-known member
Thanks, that helps.
No options to include or not include items...
This confused me a bit - what I was looking for was something to take place of having to delete items that don't apply.

So for instance, if I had a sub-forum on an aquarium site for "emergencies" and the possible related items might be:
Other (with a field)

Then check boxes on each of these, this would be a really good tool for people to start out a thread that pins down the issues they are having so that they could be helped quickly. Usually the way things go are along the line of "I've got a problem with my XYZ can anyone help?" and then the Q&A ensues to narrow down the problem.

I have many uses for this I think!


Well-known member
If you have a list of checkboxes, only the items checked show up in the post. You could also use a single selection dropdown for that if you wanted.

Also, the actual question does not need to appear in a post. You can set each question to not show and only show the answer in a post.

Personally, I think this is actually a quite powerful system with many uses. But I am bias. :D

Floyd R Turbo

Well-known member
I agree! That you're biased. :LOL::LOL::LOL:

But seriously, it is very nice. The issue I have is that one site will likely stay on XF1.x for a time, but I think I could really use this now. So if that's the case, either I wait and only get the XF2.x version or I get XF1.x and pay again when I need this one...