[OzzModz] Advanced Sticky Thread Separator

[OzzModz] Advanced Sticky Thread Separator 2.0.0

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Nulumia submitted a new resource:

Advanced Sticky Thread Separator - Separate sticky and normal threads with labeled headers, or a divider bar

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Separate sticky and normal threads with labeled headers, or a divider bar. Comes with settings and style properties to customize the appearance with your Xenforo theme.

Supports Xenforo 2.2's Article Forum Layout!

  • Enable/disable for each style
  • Select between labeled headers, or a divider bar
  • Show a pin icon next to the Sticky Threads label (optional)
  • Fully phrased...

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Nulumia updated Advanced Sticky Thread Separator with a new update entry:

Fixed download/license issue, bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug which could prevent the addon from working in certain styles
  • The option "Enable for style" will now be available in the [Nulumia] Sticky threads separator property group
  • Fixed an issue preventing the addon from being available in the Nulumia.com license/downloads page
To update your addon, please download the latest version at:

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This resource has been taken over by OzzModz. It will be going through a couple of possible updates.

1) Rebranding of the addon to reflect the new owner.
2) Any bug fixes. Paid addons will take priority.
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I have the version from Nulumia. What do I need to do to convert over to the OzzModz version? Will I lose my current stickies or the modified labels?

Thanks. This is a great add-on.
Just upgrade as normal, nothing will be lost.

Disclaimer: Always take a full backup before upgrading addons just in case something goes wrong.
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