Adsense is heavy on page loading, what's the best way to implement it for lighter page loading?

Lone Wolf

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I was having problems with page loading and one of the issues seems to be loading adsense. I only have two adverts per page for registered users.

One above the breadcrumb and one below the breadcrumb.

I have two additional ads for unregistered users. One under the sidebar and one under the first post of a thread.

I'm currently using an addon to show adsense, would it be better to use XenForo's default adsense templates?

What's the best way to serve adsense without affecting page loading too much and also is it better to serve adsense via a subdomain or is that not allowed?


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I think there's been an issue with Adsense over the past week.

I've seen an improvement over the last 2 days or so though.

I'm serving through DFP into the ad_ templates FWIW.