Implemented Adopt "No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA" API from Google


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Hmm...just tried the lost password one in incognito mode on chrome on a macbook air and it gave me a captcha to fill out (after checking the box)

Chris D

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Yep, it does that sometimes. It's perfectly expected.

It just means there's something about you that ReCAPTCHA doesn't "trust" so it's offering the traditional CAPTCHA as an additional layer of protection.

I'm not entirely sure what its criteria is for falling back to CAPTCHA, but certainly I don't see it all of the time.


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Not always, no.
My understanding was it tested things like your mouse movement, speed, precision, etc to determine if you're human. As that doesn't work on a touch screen it needs to fallback to extra verification for touchscreen devices.

Have you had just the tick box on a touchscreen device? If so that suggests there's more to it.