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Hey guys,

Did a conversion of vb to xen, with some changes to the user names/levels

A great deal of members came thru, but noticed that many are locked in 'Administrative' hold. When a person emails that he is having trouble, and I go to admincp and search users, xen finds the user just fine.

They are in 'administrative' user group, with no other levels or qualifications. Name, email, and administrative.

They are locked out of the forum.

If I search Administrative users, they do not show up in that list. Only the true 'Admins' are in the list as it should be.

Point is, I don't know where they are or how to find them so I can convert them to their old status????

Please advise,


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Based on the screenshot, the users appear to just be in the Administrative user group as the primary.

You can use the Batch Update Users function to search for all users with that group as the primary and set the primary user group to Registered.
I think this user might not be in any valid user groups (thus just defaulting to the first in the list). I could only guess this was from some sort of manual group manipulation (or a failure in group removal somewhere). Alternatively, it could be the cause of a third party importer, if you used that. Have you taken any steps like this?
Thanks guys!

I had one of your esteemed members do the import from vb, and everything there was normal other than going back to fetch the 'thanks' from the old software, along with the video fix provided here to get those re-established.

The usergroups changed in the swap, and that is how I think they got hung out.

I am with Mike in that I don't see them when searching for admin users, but when one of them contacts me, I search their name, they are back to normal once I set their normal access, for instance 'Registered'/'Gold User.

Agreed, with 9000 past members, it is impossible to find them without some way of searching for them???
I think this user might not be in any valid user groups (thus just defaulting to the first in the list)

That is exactly where I am at on it, as if I don't search their exact name, I cannot find them. They are left behind in the porthole due to a 'usergroup' or 'titling' issue where xen is having an issue placing them into a group.
It might be best to contact the person that did the import. Ideally they would be able to identify the users in question and make the necessary changes (though it really should be done through code or the user ACP).
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