XF 1.5 Admining/moderating usergroups


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Sorry if this was posted somewhere else and answered already. Went through the FAQ by searching "user" and "group" but none of the questions were equivalent.

I downloaded an addon that made usergroups joinable but I am worried to give people super moderator just in order to do this. Is there any other way to moderator the usergroups, perhaps set a usergroup leader of some sort, similar to how phpBB works?

Thanks in advance and have a good start of the new week!

Pixel Squad Ltd

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I have this add-on also, and aslong as you don't assign any other permissions or add them to a usergroup that gives them additional permissions, you won't have any issues.

That being said, once a user has been assigned to moderate a user group, then can no longer receive warnings as due to Xenforo not allowing moderators to be issued with warnings.