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Admin Forums is a forum for people who own forums, to discuss managing them, the software they use and how to get them bustling with activity. We started in 2010 using vBulletin and moved to XenForo in Feb 2011 shortly after we hit 10,000 posts. We were experiencing many problems with vBulletin and we were not receiving any useful help from the support team, we were a few days away from moving to IPB when I stumbled on this awesome software. Now, months later XenForo really is a part of our community - we live and breath XenForo.

A big thanks to the team here @ for creating such an awesome piece of community software.

Check us out at and tell me what you think :)


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I LOVE the theme in general. I even like the flowery status icons and logo - just not on an admin forum. :p
But if the members like 'em, that's what matters.


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Just looking at the design and the subject matter, a bit too flowery for me (why do I get a feeling of deja vu with this thread?).

As a hayfever sufferer I keep wanting to sneeze :)

I'd prefer a high tech logo, something to do with the net, or forums, etc. Or maybe a flower but made from circuit boards, or something else to connect it to technology or communication.

However as the saying goes, if it's not broken don't try and fix it - if your members like it, and traffic is good, maybe it's working on a subliminal level.

Also as you quite rightly say you cannot please all of the people all of the time.

Dark Matter

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I'd change the flower icons, spoils the type of site genre being run. You'll have more *Gardeners* joining than site owners. :D


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That design is very nice. It could use a few tweaks here and there, but overall it's awesome!

Best of luck to you and your forum. ;)

Core Freedom

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Love the theme. At first I thought I was on a vB site. ;) The only thing I was curious about is why there are two blue bars. I understand that the empty blue bar above the new forum category is the bottom part of the previous category, but it almost feels like a bit of wasted space.

Great forum, great look and feel to it!


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Just giving this thread a little love, well since Nov 2011 we have changed a lot. We have our 3rd custom design and have shot past 165,000 posts. We now have a site of the month contest too, forum reviews, interviews with cool people like Mike Creuzer (Audentio Designs), Shawn Hogan (digitalpoint), Kyle Bragger (, Matthew Price (CompleteVb) and too many new things to mention :)

Check us out if you have time, join up if you like us.. you never know, you may learn something new and enjoy being a part of our community :)