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Very nice. Seems pretty good so far. I to have the same style-skin, accept I use the blue-fixed. The only thing I didn't like (me personally) about the style is that there's no block-background around the Latest News announcements, and forum lists.

To describe what I mean, for instance, all the forums in your website are just separated by a "_____________" line instead of having each category in a box. It's hard to describe, but the best I could do is use (just found this really quick, so I'm gonna use it as my example) , as an example. You see how there forum categories are in blocks? To me, I feel like it makes things easier to read the forums and stuff. But that's just me.

I think to simply fix this, you just have to change the pixel padding somewhere, but i'm not sure where. But overall, I like the site, good luck with everything :)
Thanks for your feedback. I know what you mean and also like that but at this time i found only this theme to be the best possible theme for my forum. I may get a custom for my forum on a later stage but for now i will just stick to this :)