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I am trying to get this figured out, but no luck.
I have my admin template checkbox w/ spinbox and textbox nested.
The issue I have is that the textbox doesn't work how I need it to.
I need to be able to use a message inside the textbox.

Here is my code:
<input type="hidden" name="checkboxes[]" value="{$property.property_definition_id}" />
<xen:checkboxunit label="">  
    <xen:option name="_null_" selected="{$property.propertyValueScalar}"
        title="{xen:if $debugMode, $property.property_name}">
        <xen:hint>{xen:if $debugMode, $property.property_name}</xen:hint>
    <xen:spinbox name="properties[{$property.property_definition_id}]" value="{$property.propertyValueScalar}" step="1" min="0" max="1000" />          
    <xen:textbox name="properties[{$property.property_definition_id}]" value="{$property.propertyValueScalar}" title="{xen:if $debugMode, $property.property_name}" rows="4" inputclass="Elastic" />        
       <xen:include template="style_property_unit_extra">
       <xen:set var="$reset">{xen:phrase reset}</xen:set></xen:include>

Also if it's possible to use html in the textboxes? if so then how?
Any Help is Much Appreciated!


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It'd be helpful if you included screenshots of what it looks like and roughly what you want it to look like. I'm not totally clear on what you're wanting to achieve. It sounds like you just want a placeholder on your textbox (which should just work if you use that attribute instead of a title).


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OK... Sorry I wasn't to clear as to what I need.

1: enable the addon from the checkbox.
2: select an amount from the spinbox.
3: show a message from the textbox.

This is what I need right here:
Snap 2016-12-30 at 02.10.15.png

But when I save it, I end up with this where the spinbox results to 0:
Snap 2016-12-30 at 02.10.51.png

And if I save it with nothing in the textbox, everything defaults to this:
Snap 2016-12-30 at 02.11.15.png

Also when I have the checkbox unchecked, I would like the message in the textbox to remain if possible.
I am doing this in Style Properties and not Options if that matters.
I am lost learning this. lol THANX!
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