Fixed Admin Template: user_change_log_user


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I believe this:
<a href="{xen:adminlink users/edit, $log.user}">{$log.user.username}</a> supposed to be this:
<a href="{xen:adminlink users/edit, $log.editUser}">{$log.editUser.username}</a>
Right now the avatar shows for the person who edited, but the link to their account is the user you are already (the recipient of the edit).


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I think that would create more inconsistency than exists now -- you have a username and an avatar in the exact same place in two templates that actually reflect opposite sides of the same action (editor vs editee).

So the change here is actually to make this work more like the global change log as that makes more sense: avatar is always the editee, username is always the editee, and if someone else edits there's a separate mention of that.