Fixed Admin Template Modifications Counters


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It seems every upgrade I do, all my admin template modifications get the counter showing how many times it was applied increased by 1. For example under 1.2.2, they were all set to 3. After upgrading to 1.2.3, they are now all 4. Each template modification is only applied once.


Disabling them rolls it back to 3, but obviously that's not right either.



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My TMS counts are mostly 1s and 2s, with one being at 4 (even after the upgrade to 1.2.3, some are still at 1). Doesn't the count also include the number of times within a template the modification was applied? The one with 4 had the modification applied twice (as expected) in both of my styles (Master and my Icewind style).


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I think it's supposed to be cumulative. Unless I misunderstand what you are reporting.
Not sure how useful a cumulative counter would be for the number of times a template modification has ever been applied in the history of the world.

If that *is* how it's designed, then the non-admin template modifications counter is broken because it's *not* cumulative over the history of time, rather it's a more useful number of the number of changes made to the existing template.


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Well, I completely misread that bug report. lol. Didn't realize it was only cumulative on Admin modifications.


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This is fixed now. It applied to a few other cases, including email templates and possibly when deleting styles. I've added some queries to clean up the data that shouldn't be there as well.