Lack of interest Admin sent every message and every new joiner

I am setup to watch all forums but I still get lots of messages I never see. So, setting up watch for all forums does not seem to mean being emailed all threads and all replies.

Ideally I'd love an option as Admin for a copy of every message posted to be sent to the email address of my choice. I have always liked keeping a permanent email store of every public message sent on the system for practical and legal reasons. Not even seeing a lot of the messages I might be held legally responsible for displaying online feels wrong, and risky.

Likewise with new joiners, I miss knowing about every single one via an email with their joining info in it. Ideal again for storage as a permanent perfect offline record of what happened when for practical and legal reasons. I also find that very helpful when dealing with streams of fake join ups. I can spot unique characteristics and prevent further join up attempts if those are present.



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This would just flood your inbox.

Just view the latest content (New Posts) on a frequent basis if it bothers you that much not to see every thread and post being made.

No, it doesn't flood your inbox. Why would you be choosing to send the messages to your inbox anyway I wonder...

If you personally don't want the feature then like all others you don't want you wouldn't turn it on would you.

It is a very simple addition in theory as the system is already mailing out most messages posted to someone or other due to the watch system.

As I said in my message this applies to all messages and all new joiners. Lots of folks here feel the need for this I know, the add on area already has a number of attempts at creating things to deal with these needs. It is normally built in and was on all other software I have used, even the oldest versions of the CompuServe system and BBS systems had it. It is also normally included in things like photo gallery packages so you get full details of all uploads and messages stored from those too.

You can have the messages sent to special email addresses you create. You can also use rules when collecting the emails to put the messages in one place or to sort them into some kind of system, you can also leave them stored on a server perhaps, you can also have them copy off to various email addresses if you have others who want to cast an eye over all new postings and/or members, and so on and so forth. I've always done things this way even when running forums with millions of messages on them in total. Most systems do it I believe.

If I claim damages from you because of something that happened on your system how do you show due diligence in your management of your system and the steps you take to record all that happens on a long term basis and so on. You'd probably want to involve the sad soul who caused the problem but as he and his messages would likely be deleted long ago where would your copies of his messages and his many attempts to join from various IP addresses and his attacking posts be exactly I wonder. If you feel you don't need any records nor to have a copy of everything that happens I'd check that with the insurance company that provides your public liability cover.

Amaury - As I said, if you didn't want it personally then you wouldn't turn it on. I do want it, I know exactly how it works out, and heaps here are doing their best to get it already via add ons.

You may want to search out the add ons for this sort of thing, some look great and with joiners for instance even tell you what questions they got through to get on, but you may also want to let them know what you think they shouldn't want to do.....hmmm.. makes me smile anyway... :)

Jeremy - I agree it doesn't.