Admin Permission: Can Access Development Tools


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I am kinda busy, and don't have the time to see what this permission actually allows someone to do. Can someone explain its use?


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It makes the Development tab available.

The add-on options aren't covered with that though (create, install, list), those are separate.


in memoriam 1991-2020
That's what I'm assuming. Since I can't see it in a non-debug environment, I'm assuming this only works in debug mode? Than, I shall make a suggestion to hide this permission unless said forum is in debug mode later.


How do I enable the Development tab in the Admin Control Panel?
Debug mode must be enabled.

How do I enable debug mode?
Edit the /library/config.php file to add the following line: $config['debug'] = true;
Note that it is not advised to run a live site with debug mode enabled due to the increased resources required.

where can i find this /library/config.php i can't find this so plis help me