XF 1.1 Admin Control Panel Search


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In recent videos, you will have seen me using the new Admin Control Panel search system in XenForo 1.1. This video takes you on a little tour of the ACP search system, and then gives a little tutorial aimed at helping add-on developers create ACP search modules for their own XenForo add-ons.

It also serves as an example of why I should not record 'Have You Seen' videos at 2am.



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I noticed this feature in one of your other videos and forgot to comment on it. It looks awesome.


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Don't worry about the late night recordings. Just glad to more info to help add-ons. :D

3 HYS videos in a 24 hour period, if v1.1 arrival must be imminent.


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This will save quite some time and it makes the acp quick and easy to use, a big improvement actually.