Adjusting the Profile Pages


I am a little curious as to the amount of control the admin has over profile pages. When I click on a person's profile page the first thing I see is the Profile Posts tab. Is there a way to change it to where I go to the Information tab first when I click on a profile. Also, is it possible to change the names of the tabs on profile pages (e.g.Profile Posts, Recent Activity, Postings, and Information). Would I be able to change the tab Information to say About Me


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Almost all of the text is phrased, so it's easily changed in the ACP.

To change the tab which is loaded when viewing a profile would require an add-on (to avoid editing the core templates/files).


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It wouldn't be hard to get one.
There's a member called Fuhrmann who has done an addon to manage the Profile tabs. It can add new ones for example, and reame them I think.
He might be interested in doing a bit of code to alter which tab shows as default.

What I did was a template edit to split the page content in 2 columns.
Left shows the existing posts list.
Right shows the one called Information with my custom profile fields.


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Might I ask which files I would need to look into if I did wanted to modified the profile page layout?