Adjusting navigation dropdown width


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I'm pretty sure that width is coming from the gadget that's embedded in it. (It's also not the account menu, so I don't think that CSS will work. :))


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The second image is the xenforo default and fits perfectly, so I don't think it's the "gadget" that's throwing it off.

Changing the width, where Brogan suggested, doesn't fix it either.

Seems to me the problem is with the custom skin, but I don't know where.

Maybe I should have posted this elsewhere, since it's apparantly not a xenforo development problem.


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The width is set by the .Menu class.

.Menu {
width: 278px;

The div consists of the following:

<div class="Menu JsOnly tabMenu" id="XenForoUniq3">

You may be better off asking the style author/designer though how best to resolve it.