Add-on Address Book (restricted PC participants)


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I would like to create Address Books for my users. This restricts who they can PC to selected recipients
a) by usergroup
b) and/ or selected users.
All users can contact admins.

How I see it working is I have an Address Book control page per usergroup with tickboxes for all usergroups.
I tick the usergroups I want this group to access, including. their own. Then they cannot PC other users outside these ticked usergroups.
There is also a textbox for adding a username individually to a usergroup's Address Book.

If possible I would also like to have the potential recipients in an Address Book available on the Create Conversation page, but obviously not if this is a large number.
So for example if the restrictions of Address Book meant just the Admins (eg for newcomers) or just their own small team usergroup of 7 users plus admins, it would be great if these appeared the same style as Participants do in the sidebar.

Anyone interested in doing this for me?