XF 2.2 Addon Won't work, Won't Install, How do I remove it?


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I tried to install an addon. I uploaded all of the information, and when to my Admin CP, and tried to install it. I get an error, so it won't install. However, it's still on the list of Installable add-ons, with the INSTALL button there. I'm afraid to just delete it via FTP. Can I do that? How can I get rid of it?


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What was the error?

Which add-on?

Don't delete the files from the server - it will never be able to be uninstalled then (if it is installed).

However, if it's not actually installed, then the files can just be deleted.



If you don't delete it via FTP, it will still show up on the list of add-ons as installable. However, if you get errors, you should contact the author before doing anything yourself.


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It's not installed so if you're not interested in resolving the issue and installing it, just delete the files from the server.