Addon specific phrases: Addon translations


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Ok so suppose the following scenario.

One makes a custom addon for xenforo in their native language but the site which will use this addon uses another language as its primary language though it allows for first language as a secondary choice.

I am wondering how I would go about setting this up for distribution or even just to transfer the data from one site to another.

The addon itself adds 60+ phrases to xf and most of the phrases need be translated.

Exporting the addon works fine and obviously includes the phrases attached to the addon but the translated phrases for the other language need to also be included in some way if not via another addon or language pack (versus me installing everything for them and then manually adding the translations).

Now, the site will be using one of the language packs available in the RM and it contains the 6000 (guessing) phrases native to xf and what I did after making the addon was add the translated phrases to the other language.

What I am wondering is if it is possible to isolate those translated custom phrases in the addon for the second language and package them together into something installable that will add those phrases to the already installed second language pack we grabbed from the RM?


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My guess is that you can create a new language which contains only the translated phrases of your addon. You can then export that language and instruct your users to import it, overwriting their primary language.

Try it first by yourself. I'm not sure if it works as I expect.


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Yeah I am a dummy...just seein now that there is in fact a selector when exporting a language to only include phrases associated with an addon.

Awesome. That just made my day a lot easier.