XF 2.0 Addon not building


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After making some code changes, the addon.json was updated to the new version_id, new version_string.

I ran this in the terminal; however, no zip was written.

Laynes-MBP:community layneheiny$ php cmd.php xf-addon:build-release TRN/XenLate

Performing add-on export.

Exporting data for TRN/XenLate to /Users/layneheiny/Documents/Sites/xenword2018/community/src/addons/TRN/XenLate/_data.

25/25 [============================] 100%

Written successfully.

Attempting to validate addon.json file...

JSON file validates successfully!

Building release ZIP.

Writing release ZIP to /Users/layneheiny/Documents/Sites/xenword2018/community/src/addons/TRN/XenLate/_releases.

Release written successfully.
What should I check to see why nothing is written? Am I supposed to run something else first?


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I ended up making a copy of the addon folder, deleting the original, and copying back the files.