Lack of interest Additional Poll Features


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I feel as if the poll needs a few more options. First off, the threads about the additional poll features are fantastic, but there are somethings I'd like to touch on. Perhaps this would be a modification or not, but I feel this should be built in.
  1. On my site, we have contests where we vote for the best picture. What I would like to do is be able to link the poll to the users as well as prevent them from voting for themselves. Unfortunately the honor system doesn't work.
  2. Also, I like how there is a feature that you can choose multiple choices for the poll. My issue with this is sometimes I'd like to limit how many choices are chosen. For example, sometimes, I am asking for the best 3 and members don't quite grasp that concert, so it would be cool to limit it.
  3. Finally, I tend to have polls asking questions like what browser do you use. If there was an option that certain usergroups (like moderators and administration) and/or the poll creator can see who voted only, that would be amazing. This would work in-place and/or with the first feature I noted.