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I am looking to add a navigation bar to the top of our website.
Where i can add a few more links to certain things like pages and just
general things that don't go on our standard navigation bar.

If you go to this website here (Not xenforo):

Check out the top navigation bar. I want to add something exactly like that
to our website at the top (however not replacing our current standard bar, just adding
a new one at the top for other links)

Something like this here:

If you look at the top there is a gray bar with nothing on it except to the very left it says
"Curse Sites". I want to be able to add a bar like the first example, but it work like the
second example. Maybe even move with the top of the screen (when you scroll down it goes
with you... if possible i mean.. not important that last feature >_>)

My site is here:

If you look we currently use our "notices bar" as a secondary navigation bar with
a bunch of image buttons. The bar would have to allow me to add more links and customize it as
i please.

Thanks for reading ^^
You can do that by editing what's called the moderation bar.
That's the bar you see as admin which has - Moderation Queue: 0 Reported Items: 0 on the left, and Admin Control on the right. Those links and the bar have conditionals on them so only you as admin see them so ypou'll need to adjust that.

However I also considered a plan like yours and I decided against it. The navbar + its secondaries already offers a lot of options.I manage to get everything on it I need using Nodes As Tabs.
Point is if you offer people too many buttons and links they quickly get confused and switch off. Most users actually use tiny fraction of what we offer them. Log in - check what's new/ check my alerts/ maybe do a post or reply to conversation. Thats it. Number of users or occasions they click a link outside that track is very low.

The more bars and tabs the more they will resist and stick to a handful of routes they already know. What is exciting and creative to us as admins because we're used to boards, is actually scary an dunwelcome to most users.

I would therefore suggest a much easier route is to put a lot of thought into designing the existing navbar and its secondary bars. Nodes As Tabs does that.
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