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XF 1.4 Adding someone to Moderator Group - Problem


I just imported from phpBB to xenforo.
All forums are visible to public. But all threads are awaiting moderation.
I assume, my last step is to use moderation tool and approve all threads for public view. But, I can not find the moderation tool at the left top corner.
So, I added myself (super admin) to super moderator group and assigned group permissions. But immediately after this, forum page becomes unavailable to me only. Forum index page just become a white blank page.

Please help me to sort out the problem.
I just run "Batch Update Threads" by which I approved all threads.
Now, I need to approve all posts but unfortunately I could not find out an option like "Batch Update Posts". Is there any such option?
Otherwise approval of 14K posts will be too much laborious task.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
The importer is only guaranteed to work with phpBB 3.0.

There may be other issues which aren't immediately noticeable, depending on how many schema changes there are between 3.0 and 3.1.
So, should i go for a fresh double import?
phpBB3.1 -> mybb1.8 -> xenforo 1.4

I only wanted a basic import:-


So, I took a chance using xenforo. I supposed it did import well.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Going the double import route would result in passwords not working.
Each member would have to rest their own password.

It would be safer in terms of data integrity though.
I used a plugin in mybb: loginpasswordconvert, so that mybb successfully imported from phpBB alongwith passwords working.
Now, will this password problem occur when I shall import from mybb?