Adding new profile tabs


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I want to know how to tabs in user profiles. These should display in public profile view : along with other Profile Posts, Recent Activity etc.

My forum deals with books, novels etc.

1. Tab 1 :
Title : Books
It should have different fields like My fav books, authors, genre etc.

2. Tab 2 :
Title : Bookshelf
This is bit complicated compared to above. It should receive a value from members. Here Shelfari's code will be used. Usually it is of the format :

<div id="ShelfariWidget123456"><a href=''>Shelfari: Book reviews on your book blog</a><script src="" type="text/javascript" language="javascript"></script></div>

here 123456 is the unique code whenever a user generates a bookshelf at Shelfari.

So, this profile tab, should have a text field to receive the unique code, insert into HTML & complete it. If all goes well, it should display Book Shelf under tab.

Hope I am clear.

Thanks in advance :D


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^thank you !

Okay now I got Tab, how shall I add different fields in them ?


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I read the post, but I couldn't understand it. Can u give few simple instructions in n00b terms ?

Thank you :)


Please use that thread - rather than having posts about that plugin be spread over the forums here.