XF 1.2 Adding custom fields to signatures


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I'm rather familiar with adding custom fields into the Message User Info section, but is it possible to add them into a user's signature instead?


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Can't you just add it to the template for signatures manually?
I'm probably just asking incorrectly, so my apologies for that.

Essentially, I'm just looking to have it so that when a user fills out X, Y, & Z fields in their profile... I can add code (like I do manually now) into a template for the signature. I think it'll be fairly easy, but I'm just not sure what template to use. Any advice?


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Isn't it the message template? I haven't messed with any lately, so not certain.
I'll try messing around with that today and tomorrow. If you happen to find out if it's that section specifically or another, please let me know. Thanks either way, Sheldon!


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It's towards the bottom:

        <xen:if is="{$visitor.content_show_signature} && {$message.signature}">
            <div class="baseHtml signature messageText ugc{xen:if $message.isIgnored, ' ignored'}"><aside>{xen:raw $message.signatureHtml}</aside></div>
        {xen:raw $messageAfterTemplate}
I assume that is the area you are looking for.


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@Douglas Veney (and I guess @Sheldon), came across this thread while helping someone else out and thought I'd provide the quick and dirty solution (no styling):
Rich (BB code):
{xen:helper userFieldTitle, 'your_id'}: {xen:helper userFieldValue, {$userFieldsInfo.your_id},  $message, {$message.customFields.your_id}}
Replace your_id with the id of the profile field (all 3 are the same).

note: this only works in the message template.