adding a poll to existing thread

Ryan Kent

Well-known member
I found a thread to which I wanted to add a poll. I made a new post in the thread and realized there was not an option to do such. I then went to the first post in the thread and opened the edit window. I was still unable to add a poll. Is this not possible to do in XF?

Ryan Kent

Well-known member
well, this was my first post merge in XF

I selected the one post in a new thread with a poll, and I selected the first post in the old thread. I chose Merge post and.....the "please vote" from the new thread was added to the end of the 1st post in the old thread. The poll disappeared.


XenForo moderator
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You have to merge into the thread with the poll; i.e. choose that as the destination thread.

You need to merge the threads, not the posts.