Added a new Domain name

Hi, I've just purchased a new domain name for our WP site. The new domain name has been changed completely on our hosting account, so that it becomes the new domain.

How do I config xenforo to use the new domain name?

Any help on this matter would be great..


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How can I move my installation to a different domain or host?
Backup the existing database and server files. Copy them to the new domain/server and update the library/config.php file with the new database details as required. It may be necessary to set permissions for the data and internal_data directories to world writeable (CHMOD 0777). Lastly, update the Board URL in the ACP -> Options -> Basic Board Information, if it has changed.
Note that if you are moving to a different type of web server and have Friendly URLs enabled, you will need to make the appropriate changes. Refer to the Friendly URLs section of the XenForo Manual for more details.

Can I change the domain or URL where the software is installed?
Yes, as long as you remove the original installation before installing it elsewhere. Ensure you update your account details in the Customers area.
Did as you said..

I now get this error when trying to view forum.

An unexpected database error occurred. Please try again later.


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Have you copied across all files, imported the database, and updated config.php to match the new DB details?
Yeap I would believe so too but I've checked over and over again to make sure the database details are correct.
I copied them from /public_html/wp-config.php

Not sure what's going on..


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I am receiving this error:
Cookies are required to log in to this site. You will not be able to login until they are accepted.
Check your config.php file for something like this:
$config['cookie'] = array(
    'prefix' => 'xf_',
    'path' => '/',
    'domain' => ''
Update the domain.