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I would like to add a new custom tab in the left visitor navigation. But it shouldn't be a subaction of "account". For normal main tabs it is possible to make a listener, but how can I add a visitor tab? To add is not the real problem. The problem is the user tab can not be selected.
The new custom tab should be like "conversation". A own tab and not depending from account.

In example "Meine Teams" is the custom user tab.

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Isn't the visitor tab template (navigation_visitor_tab) the one you need to edit in order to accomplish what you want?

I see there is a hook inside of it. Remember that hooks are deprecated since 1.2. The recommended method to modify templates is through a Template Modification


Yes but how I just said the problem isn't to add the link but the link should be able to be activated like the "inbox" link. So there have to be a code event listener like for "navigation_tabs".