Add user upgrade qualifiers to Communication


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Would like the ability to contact those with Expired User Upgrades

Users with Premium Group A user upgrade (B, C, etc.)
Active or Expired
Has been expired X days

Expired would be very beneficial for offering promotions. Active could be beneficial as well in certain situations (some users in the group may not be there due to an upgrade or perhaps the upgrade is not associated with a group and you want to contact "customers").
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I want to add, if this is implemented please also include Notices (which is also in Communication so is related here).

Would be great to add a dismissable notice; "Your membership has expired. Please click here for a special renewal offer." Etc. In fact I would use this more than emailing or PMing.
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I totally agree, this is a huge demand for those of us running a forum with lot's of paid subscribers. Hope you can implement it in the Xenforo updates anytime in the future.
This would be terrific for targetting and enticing expired users back into upgrades, especially special offers.
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