Lack of interest Add unique ID to User Upgrade url

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At the moment, if you have dozen of purchasable user upgrades on your site, there is no way you can point to a specific one. You can only link to the main account upgrade page where it can be confusing for new members.
Since each user upgrade has a unique ID, it would be great to add that id to the url so we can direct users to each product.
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This is already possible?

nice. Did not know about this link.
It goes directly to the payment input page without giving the users an overview of upgrade info (price, detail)

What I would love is a filtered view of the account upgrade page that filter by ??user_upgrade_id=X


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both display the same number of upgrades as before.


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As this is a suggestion thread, any further discussion related to the add-on should take place elsewhere.

Ideally the add-on would be released as a resource so it has a dedicated thread.