Lack of interest Add option to "Discourage" User Groups


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We would like to not only be able discourage users using the warning points system, but to also display a tag on their profile to publicly show they are currently discouraged.

However, we are currently unable to do this in Xenforo because the Warning Action only allows you to either select "Discouragement" OR a User Group, and the Edit User Group page doesn't allow you to discourage a User Group.

This would be solved by simply allowing us to discourage a User Group, and then selecting that User Group in the Warning Action page.

It seems like this would be relatively straightforward to implement (e.g. simply add the "Discouraged" option in User Groups), so we hope to see this soon.

Thank you.


As a newbie to XF, can't comment on the nuts and bolts of how it would be implemented, but I would support some function, whatever that maybe, to show certain users have been warned both in their profile, but also under their avatar within forums too.