add on troubles again

I feel really stupid now because I have gone from nothing, to a tidy forum, back to nothing and now I am half way back. After destroying my forum, I did a complete re-install of XF and rebuilt all of the style bits and stuff in the sidebar,which for me is a fair achievement. So, I come to do the add ons, (which is how I wrecked the last forum) and it is impossible.
I am (via ftp) transferring the unzipped 'upload' folder from the add on to the 'upload' folder in my XF install. This is how it looks... dragging item 1 and dropping into file 2.
install add on.jpg
After an epic 14 hours of pretty much getting nowhere I am totally bemused. I am sure this is how it is done but when I go to 'Install Add-On' in the XF acp, it goes nowhere. I am opening the correct file...
choose file.jpg
So I press [Install Add-On] and get this...
error callback.jpg
From all the other threads relating to this I gather it means the uploaded file is not present or in the wrong place.
Please can anyone see what I am doing wrong here?

Jake Bunce

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The error message means the files were not uploaded correctly... probably to the wrong location.


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You have to upload what inside the upload directory in the forum directory. Not the entire upload dir.


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Yep, on your local machine open the UPLOAD folder of the add-on, inside there you may find a few more folders "js", "library" and "styles". Simply drag these folders into the root of your XF installation, in your case "/forum".

Then you should be able to run the installation XML with no problem.
Thanks chaps. Everything is installing brilliantly now, I promise not to try anything more! As a thought, is there anywhere I could learn a bit more about how these forums actually work?


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What bit aren't you "getting" - i've got years of forum experience but not much XF experience...
My experience is zero. I started off with Forumotion, then had PHPbb, now have XF. The last two I have wrecked on a regular basis through lack of understanding. I need to start from the basics as that is about the limit of my knowledge!


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Ahh ok yes, XF is not too bad actually as it's quite simple to use however the permissions bit blows my mind completely but it seems to work so i'm not going to mess about with it!
If I can pass the final hurdle of actually getting my forum published, I will leave well alone.
I am getting the following message when I try and access the forum, it's one thing after another with me!

This webpage is not available

The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
Error 330 (net::ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED): Unknown error.
It's a nightmare. I have literally been working on this since 17:00 yesterday, kind of hoped it would be done by now lol. I have gleaned that it is a compressed file somewhere causing the issues but I am loathed to start delving back into things too far!


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Stuff like what? All the forums you've created and stuff? Nope, all you're doing is replacing the forum files.

If however you've customised templates and so on I can't guarantee that those wouldn't be replaced.
Hmm. I have added a few widgets to the sidebar (basic html template modification), changed a few colours, added a couple of add-ons, imported a phpbb database. Nothing serious, just a slow process for me to create!