XF 2.2 Locating a Troublesome Link

So this is a time I'm not sure I'm in the correct forum, but hopefully the issue is simple.

About a week ago, when clicking our site on a mobile device, I got a popup that a file download was available. It wasn't ours.

Today, I finally got it to download. Long story short, it is a Tabletop game PDF.

So I suspect I know what's wrong, some member posted the link to the PDF somewhere, the browser thinks the link is a download (I've seen this before with PDFs) and so it shows it.

The problem is, I cannot find the link. We didn't post it, it's nowhere on our homepage. Searching the name gives me nothing. I don't even know if it was posted, it could in theory be in a member's signature or the link could be embedded in unrelated text.

All of which is a long way to get to a short question: Is there a way, as an admin, to search for a snippet of text (or a URL) that can find something not directly visible in a post?
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