XF 2.2 Having troubles changing my site icons


Currently I am working with a developer to change all the icons on my site. My icons by default are filled, but I would like outline.

I sourced a bunch of SVG icons, mostly from googles material design, and prepared them with the right color, and exported them as svgs at 24x24

Those icons have been succesfully added to the site but we are having alignment issues. They are not centered with the rest of the content - See the header here for an example. Or the report/like icons here too

Anyone know why this might be happening? Is my 24x24 sizing too big? Alternatively, is there a better way for me to swap all the icons on my site, without going a custom route. Perhaps there are settings or addons that literally lets me swap the svg file and thats it?

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
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