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A few things that I think would be really helpful for developers, but prove me if I am wrong, sometimes there are several add on that are required to be installed for a single add on. So a few things I think would be nice.

1) Create a hash mechanism based on specific add on information to keep add on unique across the board. So when an add on is installed or installing that it checks for it's dependency add on
2) Create the ability to have child add on parenting on top of a major add on. With the new 1.2 XenForo you can really go a lot on expanding the add on system now to a point where it makes developers easier to expand add on and if not expand other add on without to much work. In this purpose, our system concept is we have and needing to expand a major add on with some additional features. So example:

Not everyone would want specific features and having more features sometimes can make an add on really big, so if people we're able to pick what features they wanted for a specific major add on with creating child add on that go with those add on.


Contact Information Add On
- Display Name (minor add on) capability of changing the username with a display name such as "Nickname, First Name, Last Name, Full Name, Email, Username etc."
- First Name, Last Name
- Middle Name
- Address, Address 2, Address 3 etc.
- State, City, Country, Zip

Each one of these could be minor add on that would depend on the "Contact Information Add On" allowing you to expand what you want, and install what you want without hardly any work.



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Its entirely possible to verify if an add-on is installed during the installation process with a single conditional, in fact, XI Blog does this. I'm not really sure how a parent-child add-on relationship would benefit anything as long as you verify its installed in your code during installation and in your functions.

As for the hash mechanism, I'm not actually sure what you are suggesting or what it'd be for. Can you further explain this?


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Well, someone may create two of the same type of add on, with the same add on key, but does two very different purposes, the hash mechanism would help be created based on the actual add on creation date, along with the add on key or something, mainly for the purpose of dependency matching...


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Well, XenForo will throw errors if you attempt to install an add-on with the same ID. A unique ID (which is required by XenForo) should be all you need to match dependencies.