Add-On not disabling


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I have Tapatalk installed, and tried to disable it to trouble shoot one of it's features. I looked in the "manage add-ons" area and it shows as disabled (line through the title) - but it still seems to work on my iPhone and iPad.

I guess my first question is this - can modifications to a template or style cause this problem? I do have a custom style, but I've tried setting the stock style as default, with no luck.

Any idea why I cannot disable Tapatalk?

BTW- I've tried setting Tapatalk to hide all forums, but that doesn't work - changing settings via ACP>Options does nothing.


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I'm not a mobile computing person so I have no experience with Tapatalk. It's possible that addon made changes to your forum that are not disabled with the addon. I suggest posting on their support forum:
Thanks. I've had the same trouble with other addons. What's weird is I run two sites, and have the problem on both with Tapatalk, but other addons wont disable/enable by selection, but there seems to be no real pattern. On one site, the Multiple account detection won't disable, but the other site, I can disable/enable the addon at will.

Both sites were created the same day, and both have the same version of xenforo.

I was able to solve the problem with Tapatalk by upgrading to the most recent version.