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Looking to work with a Developer to create a new add-on based off the Trophies System xenforo has.
I am a Big fan of the Twitter Verified Icon you see on celebrities profile pages etc.
The only Problem I have with this feature, is the fact that its only purpose is to let you know that account is really owned by Jay-Z for an example.
But what if we had an Add-on that focuses on more than Verifying accounts for just that one thing. What if we developed and add-on that allows you to create an unlimited amount of Icons, which are specific to your website.

Lets take my website for example, in which our sole purpose is to help other individuals promote their talents, businesses etc. I would be able to create a icon for a Dancer, or Plummer, or Photographer and have the ability to let board members earn the icons just like the trophies system, or allow the members to purchase the icons if they wanted to. Then You would be able to have your board members Verified by what they are trying to promote. This Would be a awesome way to also create the best Moderator / Staff icons for your board, Or ever Personalize Icons which can include company logos etc.
This would help members identify other board members with out traveling to the members card, Profile page etc.

The Goal of the Add-on
  • Is to have it Function Like the Twitter Verified System
  • Be able to create unlimited Verified Icons Examples: Xenforo Trophies System/
  • Description of Icon when hover mouse over it. (Tool Tips bubble) Would love to have colorful bubbles.
  • Members can earn an unlimited amount of icons, or Purchase them.
  • Only a max of 3 icons can be placed beside their names. ( Some board members might want to promote 3 things at a time.)
  • The rest of their Earned icons should be Vaulted on their profile page.
  • Verified Icons Vault: Would be showcased in Profile Tabs section. Add-on must work with
  • Inside the vault section on profile page, board members can select from 0 - 3 icons to be Shown.
  • Icons can be seen thru out the entire Board. ( post-bit etc.... You get the point.
Profile page section:

Unlimited Icons:

Example of setting:

Options to creating icon:

Would like Permission for this feature as well:

In closing I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read this post. I am Looking to compare Prices from developers for this add-on. I already heard from 2 Developers and I would like to compare their Prices to any other devs who shows interest.

Add-on: Verified
Purpose: Create Verified Icons that go beside User Name ( Example: Twitter Verified Accounts)
You can also DM me to see My budget
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