XF 1.5 Add-on Installation - php page comes back but nothing happens



The admin.php?add-ons/install-upgrade page has stopped working for me. I am used to installing add-ons by unzipping the zip file contents on my server and then copying the files from the zip to the right server root locations on the server. Then I give the admin form the xml file to use. (Option 3). This has stopped working. Now when I provide the xml file and click 'Install or Upgrade' the page returns immediately and nothing apparently happens. I don't see any output in the php-fpm error log. I could use some help debugging this one.


Without digging into the XenForo_Dependencies_Admin class, can you tell me more about how the add-on installation works? What directories on the server does it check for code? Where does it expect to find the xml file that you upload?

Better yet, is there a way to install add-ons from the command line?

Well actually it's the same as the "Option 3" thing you mentioned - just uploading the files manually and browsing for the XML file.

If that's all you do, you'd might as well just disable the add on installer add on.
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