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Add-on ID Guidelines

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With the flurry of activity in this area now, I thought it would be wise to lay down some guidelines for add-on IDs. For the mutual benefit of both core and add-on developers, please follow these directions.
  1. Please don't use 'XenForo' in your add-on ID without specific prior consultation with XenForo Ltd. We would like to retain this for official use, and the use of it might imply some form of official status that is not the case.
  2. Don't be too generic with your add-on ID. Releasing an add-on with an ID of 'Blog' or 'Gallery' is almost like domain squatting. Please come up with a unique, descriptive ID that is not likely to be confused with other add-ons providing similar functionality.
  3. Your add-on ID should take the form AbcdEfghiJklm - no spaces, all words beginning with an uppercase letter. This is for autoloader purposes.
  4. Best practices suggest that you should use your add-on ID in your class names, so if your add-on ID is 'ExampleFoo', your classes should make use of that name to assist the autoloader. Examples could include ExampleFoo_Route_Prefix_Bar and ExampleFoo_ControllerPublic_Bar.
  5. Enjoy working with, extending and building on our code. I'm sure you will :)
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