Add-on Add-on help needed

We have an add-on that was written by our former webmaster. He is no longer responsible for the site, his interests have moved to other subjects. We migrated our 2.2.11 server from an older Lightsail Linux instance running PHP7, and are now on an EC2 instance running Centmin Linux with PHP8. All of our other Xenforo add-ons are running properly, but we have 2 that are throwing errors when we attempt to run them on demand or via cron job. I'm not a programmer but can follow most of the code in the add-on. I think the previous database engine was MySql and the new is MariaDB, if that makes any differences.

One script checks for user activity, and moves the secondary group from NewUser to User if the user has logged in during the previous 30 days and has a minimum of 5 posts. It also checks for opt-in to other groups, and adds other secondary groups based on the number of posts a user has made (no timeline). This script also makes notes for the user to see why they have not qualified for membership in the various secondary groups.

Our second script also checks for opt-in options for various vendors to qualify for a discount with them. This script runs at the end of the month, creates a CSV file, then sends an email to the vendor with member information they can import into their accounting systems where discounts are applied at customer POS checkout.

Other addons he has written are working as expected, but are more of reading account information and not updating account info.
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