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Add New Permission "View Thumbnails but not Full Size"


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Hello. I have a suggesstion. Here it is:

I think it would be great you added the option to enble "view thumbnails but not the full media" in user permission. I think this might help with user registration or signups.

For example.:

Unregisterd users would be able to view the Media Tab, Thumbnails and Categories. But when they click on a thumbnail for a photo or uploaded video. They would get a message. "You need to be a registered user to view this photo/embed video/album." or "You need to be a vip member to view this photo/embeded video/album"

At the moment you have the option to disable a usergroup to view media but it disables the whole thing. So they are not even aware there is a media section.

I am talking about the thumbnails when someone clicks on the media tab.
But what would be even more awesome. If even when someone posts the thumbnail version on a thread. The would still be able to see the thumbnails but not the full photo/video when they clicked on it. So pretty much everywhere in the forum. View the thumbnail but not the full photo.

It would be like a big tease for unregistered users.. If they were able to view just the thumbnails. I think it would give a little bit of pressure for unregistered users to sign up. I know forums have done this before. And it always makes me sign up.

This is my suggestion. Thanks

suggestion transfered from xenresources-


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I couldn't wait any longer for xenforo to add it, they take too long so I paid ******* to make this for me and i asked him to release it for everyone else.

Here is it:

It has helped alot in getting new members and i asked him to put a feature so guests can view only 5 free images a day unless they register.

I also got him to make it compatible with his credits add-on.

I am happy with the outcome.
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Its strange that XenForo core has this permission, but not XenForo Media Gallery.
This permission would save bandwidth use and boost registrations.


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It's one of the very few things I really, really miss from Photopost Pro.
That's why I will allow media for all users and guests, it's not wise to hide the whole media gallery thing from visitors.